This page is going to show pics and tell you about the most awesome new artists!

Ok, I kno lots of people LOVE 1D rite? well forget them! There is a much better band then 1 Direction! And just so you kno One Direction are freinds with these people. They are an American band that also has their own T.V show! Thats Rite I'm talking about Big Time Rush! I kno they're not as popular in the AUS rite now but boy are they popular in the USA! Grace and I have fallen head over heals in love with them and their music, But their T.V show is GREAT!

Basically the show is about 4 hockey players from Minnisota who go to LA to become their own boy band! This show has it all eg. Music, dance, Humour and they even sprinkle in a bit of romance. They are AWESOME!!!!!! So next time you go on your TV just check nickelodeon and see if its on, and if it is PLEEEESSSEEEE watch it pleeessseeeee!!! They won't let you down


Camza <3