Awesome places

At the moment cam is spending these school holidays in one of my 3 favorite places in the world! Its Nelson Bay! I’m so jealous hat she gets to go to this quiet, fun and great place that has beaches, wildlife and of course hiking and views!

I go there every year and hire a house a block or so away from the beach. My family hires that house for a week so we can relax while being able to have a thrilling time too. Twice a day we head down to the beach with our boogie boards and we sand-board then go out into the surf!

Nelson bay is practically crawling with wildlife like dingoes, koalas, lizards, kookaburras and birds! There are wildlife parks or you can just go into the bush to see these amazing creatures!


At toboggan hill park (located in nelson bay of course) there is a maze, mini golf, water balloon fights, a mini arcade, toboggans, rock climbing and more! Next door is an aquatic centre complete with little pools, big pools, waterslides, canteen and benches and grass to sit on.


There are mountains for hiking and I’ve hiked on 3 of them many times. These 3 are called:



And one that doesn’t have a name


There are many beaches at Nelson Bay , these are the ones I know the names of:

Nelson bay

Little beach

Box beach

Nelson beach and

Samaria beach (DO NOT GO TO THAT ONE, EVER!)



I absolutely love going down to nelson bay for the fresh air, beaches and calmness, I wish I was down there with cam cause these holidays are boring without her coming over but, I’m sure I’ll cope. (hopefully)