Here are some awesome foods you neeeeedddd to try

Camza and I have got 5 awesome foods u need to try:

#1= sour worms
They rock! There yummy little sugar covered treats that me n cam adore!

#2= pizza
 I love hawiian pizza! I love chicken pizza, meat lovers pizza, supreme pizza and cheese pizza! Cam can't have pretty much all of these cause she's trying to go vegetarian but is failing miserably (no affense) cam

#3= dragonfruit!
It's a unusual redish pink fruit! It tastes amazing! I really recommend it to all u sweet toothed peeps out there! It's nice, u can get it at woolworths or Coles or franklins and it is great!

#4= apples
As cam says "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!" They're delishious and they're healthy! The green ones, (my fav) are sour and they can help you lose teeth!

#5= cookies and cream ice cream
Ok this is me and cams FAVE type of ice cream! We love the cookie bits in it and we love the creamy chocolate flavor in it. This ice cream is made with Oreos and we all know, everybody loves oreos!