Welome to camzagracie

 hi, grace here, this is our first website where you can learn all about the things we love to do, our crazy selves and all the new and old popular stuff going on in this world.


Heyyy its Camza here!

On our website we will give you the latest info on all the hot stars and give you all the latest songs and reviws on all kinds of stuff like food ,animals and video games! We will also be posting different pics of different outfits that look good and are in right now and will be giving fashion advice.

k so ttyl xox <3 


Hey, so to start off with, a new band is here. 1direction is liked by heaps of girls but not to us! Every girl is obsessed with Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayne Malik and Niall Horan. Some songs are:

what makes you beautiful

one thing

i want

and moments.

Camza and I are into the more unpopular bands like hot chelle rae, maroon 5, Big Time Rush and more. We also like Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson,Jessie J and


According to the obsessed directioners in our class 1D is Bril-Liam, Ama-Zayn, Fab-Louis, Phenome-Niall  and Extrodan-Harry!

Gracie and Camza

My new outfit!!! Jacket $18, Hot pink jeans $5, pink singlet $3
My new outfit!!! Jacket $18, Hot pink jeans $5, pink singlet $3

Celebrity of the day:


Who am I

I am 32 i first appeared on tv when i was 10 and was a contestant on a tv show called star search, then I recorded my first song "reflection" in 1995

my 4th album was called stripped and had one of my most popular songs on it, "Beautifull".

I recently recorded a song with maroon 5 called moves like jagger and is on the list of Camza and Gracie's fav singers, who am i

(i will post the answer tomozza wen peeps hav had time 2 think)


Camza <3